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No matter what the season, there is always something going on in the City of Tetonia. Keeping our residents informed of scheduled events and local happenings is important. 

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EIPH Amends restriction orders for Teton County

Begins: 3/22/2021
Ends: 4/22/2021

"I am posting the new Order from EIPH that CANCELS the EIPH Mandates connected with the Pandemic. Please note:

-- The Teton County, Driggs and Victor mandates remain in place.
-- Tetonia continues to NOT have a mask mandate. Though we do not have a mandate in Tetonia, we continue to encourage people (everywhere!) to (1) be safe; (2) use common sense; and (3) respect the concerns of others.
-- The City of Tetonia will continue to provide masks (at no expense) to businesses and individuals who may want them.
Let's be kind to others. Let's be respectful to each other. Let's continue to combat (and win!) this pandemic!"


Read the Order HERE